GEOBIZ Guide: How to implement PBL into learning process

The need for new professionals who complete their studies to be able to independently solve tasks and problems in today’s academic education system is becoming more and more pronounced. At the same time, higher education institutions struggle with the impossibility of equipping them with modern equipment, especially in the STEM field, which is particularly exposed to rapid technological changes brought about by the digital revolution. The very ability to solve tasks and problems is not innate by itself, but needs to be developed, which is not easy or particularly successful when applying classical forms and methods of teaching. Therefore, the methodology of problem-based learning was developed, which is imposed as an alternative to classical forms of teaching. Problem-based learning can be applied at the level of subjects, modules or the entire study program, but regardless of the scope, in all cases it is necessary to adhere to the teaching methodology and the rules that have been developed.
The Erasmus+ capacity-building project in higher education “Business driven problem-based learning for academic excellence in geoinformatics” – GEOBIZ realized from 2019 – 2022 aimed to improve the practical parts of teaching courses in the field of geoinformatics, the contents of which are particularly exposed to rapid technological changes. The solution was found in the strengthening of cooperation between the business and academic sectors and the inclusion of companies in the teaching process. Both, using of practical cases from the practice of companies prepared for the implementation of the practical part of the lesson, and through the introduction of problem-based learning in the approach to that practical as well as theoretical teaching. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering under the leadership of prof. Branko Božić was responsible for the introduction of problem-based teaching in new and modernized courses created by the GEOBIZ project. In addition to 25 new or modernized courses and established cooperation between partner universities and business companies, the result of the project is this practical guide on the implementation of problem-based learning in the teaching process.
In a simple way, supported by examples, prof. Božić presents in this guide the methodology of problem-based learning and how it is implemented in the teaching process. This concise summary guide is focused primarily on the field of geoinformatics, but the presented methodology and instructions can be implemented in any STEM field, and beyond. Therefore, this guide represents a concrete and valuable contribution to the learning process in higher education, and as one of the results of the project, we are pleased to present it to the public with thanks to Professor Božić for his commitment and effort.

Official web site of GEOBIZ project funded by European Union under ERASMUS+ KA2 Capacity Building in Higer Education.

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