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Why use GIS in your Classroom?

Teach with GIS and make your classroom interactive

Teaching with interactive maps will make learning easier. If you are teacher, you might consider using GIS in your classroom. But what is GIS and how it can help you be a better educator?

GIS is a geographic information system which helps us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. Data is presented through interactive maps.

Such informative maps provide a deeper understanding of specific topics and helps learners to better face challenges and solve problems.

How GIS Works:

  • Visualizing Data: The geographic data that is stored in the databases are displayed in the GIS software.
  • Combining Data: Layers are combined to form a maps of desire.
  • The Query: To search the value in the layer or making a geographic queries.

There are two main beneficial reasons to use GIS while teaching:

  • Spatial thinking –  Spatial thinking is greatly enabled by using  interactive maps. Digital maps are everywhere and spatial thinking helps us see the world as a system of systems, understands this interconnected  and complex world to be better at solving particular problems we are facing today.
  • Using maps while teaching can improve understanding of material and thus help students in learning

One of the most common use of GIS in classrooms today is the use of Google Earth, an open source program that offers location searches and 3-D orbits around those locations.

Start teaching your students about GIS through things they already use and know about. For example,  GIS is used when we blend real and virtual environments in games such as Pokémon Go, the mobile app which made the whole world go crazy in 2016.

One of the most obvious example is the use of interactive maps while driving. Students who use Google Maps or Waze  have experienced how the data from GPS and analyzed by GIS can blend their real world with a virtual world.

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