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What are the Benefits of using GIS if you're a Student?

How can GIS help you learn better?

What are the benefits of using GIS if you’re a student? Whar are the best way to use it? And what purpose does it serve?

GIS or Geographic Information Systems represent a collection of methods to collect, organize, analyze, and present spatial data, which can can enhance learning by using interactive tools.

Using GIS is very helpful to solve various problems  – students can easily frame and visualize problems, which helps them create better targeted  solutions to challenges they’re faced it,, whether they are about ebenrgy, city planinning, natural hazards, climate, litter, or other similar problems.

Geoinformatics naturally fits into Project Based learning or PBL since it makes students active and engaged in problem-solving as scientists, planners, and other decision-makers.

Students who use GIS usually start thinking differently. They start to ask questions themselves, instead of replying to common teachers’ questions.

GIS „forces“ students to think better, to ask better questions in various fiels od study:

  1. Transportation Infrastructure
  2. Urban Planning
  3. Telecom and Network services
  4. Terrain Mapping
  5. Creating 3D Interactive Maps
  6. Water Supply Analysis
  7. Disaster managements
  8. Agricultural Applications
  9. Navigation
  10. Banking
  11. Digital Taxation
  12. Dairy Industry
  13. Fisheries and Ocean Industries
  14. Pest Management
  15. Traffic Density

 + more that 30 other fields and industries.

Why you should study geoinformatics?

There are several reasons to choose a career in GIS. And all of them point to one thing: you won’t be jobless in the future.

  1. GIS is a growing market
  2. GIS jobs are in demand and they come with competitive salaries
  3. Choose a niche: GIS career opportunities are everywhere
  4. GIS offers you an opportunity to make the world better

As the world becomes more connected, there is more and more need to help organize data and use them in everyday work. The emerging market for online retail, self-driving cars, increasing adoption of smart home technology will for sure contribute to push GIS forward.

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