BENEFITSFor public institutions

Use of geoinformatics for public institutions

Make informed decisions with geoinformatics

When it comes to publically available data insights, making them available for every citizen is really important, but geoinformatics in the first place helps institutions control and organize public services.

Administrators, analysts, researchers, interns, and contractors working with a public institution use GIS software to manage different challgenges.

For example, GIS gives us data on population density, demographics and ecological factors. It can also helps in litter management, development of infrastructure or budget distribution. So GIS can be used to make citizens’ life better overall.

These are main advantages of using GIS for public institutions:

  • Making better and informed decisions
  • Citizen engagement due to better system
  • Help to identify communities that is under risk or lacking infrastructure
  • Helps in identifying criminology matters
  • Better management of natural resources
  • Better communication during emergency situation
  • Finding different kinds of trends within the community
  • Demographic planning

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