• Task 1.1 – Survey of business and user needs in geoinformatics
  • Task 1.2 – Survey on business-academia cooperation practices
  • Task 1.3 – Geoinformatics curriculum analysis and comparison with EU models
  • Task 2.1 Business-academia cooperation model design
  • Task 2.2 Developing innovative business-problem based cases
  • Task 2.3 Geoinformatics courses (practical part) design
  • Task 2.4 Geoinformatics LLL courses design
  • Task 2.5 Training of teachers
  • Task 2.6 Acquisition of equipment
  • Task 3.1 Establishment of business-academia cooperation platform in geoinformatics
  • Task 3.2 Implementation of developed courses in study programs
  • Task 3.3 Piloting developed courses at partner universities
  • Task 3.4 Piloting developed LLL courses
  • Task 3.5 Evaluation of piloted courses
  • Task 3.6 Establishment of inter-partner geoinformatics problem-based cases repository
  • Task 4.1 Establishment of internal work quality standards & procedures
  • Task 4.2 Quality assessment and evaluation
  • Task 4.3 External independent monitoring evaluations
  • Task 5.1 Communication Plan and establishment of project website and social media
  • Task 5.2 Maintenance of project website, social media and newsletter
  • Task 5.3 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan
  • Task 5.4 D&E material production and activities
  • Task 5.5 Organisation of business-academia workshops
  • Task 6.1 Project management structure establishment
  • Task 6.2 Project management, administration and monitoring
  • Task 6.3 Project financial management
  • Task 6.4 Progress and final report to EACEA and financial audit
  • Task 6.5 Project sustainability

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