Strong earthquakes in Croatia

Central Croatia has been hit with two strong earthquakes on December 28th (5.3 on Richter scale) and on December 29th (6.3 on Richter scale) creating massive destruction in towns of Petrinja, Sisak and Glina, and even some damage in 50 km distant Zagreb. The second earthquake shaking was registered in surrounding countries and even 1.000 km distant towns in central Italy.

The consequences of the devastating earthquake that hit central Croatia

Faculty of Geodesy has engaged its capacities supporting the rescue and recovery activities. Already on December 30th, 2020 internet platform has been established together with Croatian OpenStreetMap community based on OpenStreetMap enabling people in need and those ready to help to exchange information and communicate what is necessary for people who lost their homes and how to deliver the goods to them.  Application is available via the links:

Internet platform established together with the Croatian OpenStreetMap community (

Also, on December 31st preliminary computation results of surface displacement based on radar interferometry using earth observation Copernicus Sentinel 1 satellite data have been presented indicating that surface on fault suffered shift which might be up to 30 cm. More about this information on link: Map of surface displacements obtained by satellite radar interferometry for Petrinja earthquake of magnitude 6.3. (source: Faculty of Geodesy)

Overview of the following activities, you can follow at:

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