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GEOBIZ and other EU project presented in “University Zagreb” TV Show

The topic of this week’s show ‘University Zagreb’ (April 12, 2021) was EU Projects of the University of Zagreb. The guest of the show was the head of the Office for EU Projects Vesna Kotarski, and the show presented Erasmus + projects of the Faculty of Geodesy GEOBIZ, SEED4NA in UN4DRR.

Newsletter #6

GEOBIZ dissemination materials are finished and printed, and you can download them at the links below.


Newsletter #4-5

Article #3

Application of PBL model on study program of geodesy at The Faculty of Architecture, Civil engineering and Geodesy at the University of Banja Luka.

XIV International conference on Contemporary Theory and Practice in Construction – STEPGRAD 2020.

 June 11th and 12th 2020 – Online

Proceedings of International conference on Contemporary Theory and Practice in Construction XIV (2020) (page 434-442).


Newsletter #3

Newsletter #2

Article #2

Reducing gap between business and academia in introducing modern technologies – GEOBIZ project approach.

International GEA

Geo Eco-Eco Agro Conference

28-31 May 2020, Podgorica, Montenegro

Article #1

Newsletter #1

#GEOBIZproject _ Kick-off conference

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