Project related article by Branko Božić, Marko Pejić and Sanja Tucikesić

Professor Branko Božić wrote together with Marko Pejić and Sanja Tucikesić paper “Projektno orijentisan problemski zasnovan model učenja – prva iskustva u primeni modela u okviru studijskog programa Geodezija I geoinfromatika” (Project oriented problem-based learning The first experiences of using this approach at the study program Geodesy and geoinformatics). The paper has been published in January issue of journal „Tehnika – naše građevinarstvo”, No 74 (2020).

In this article the PBL approach was used at the course level as the method of learning. Through the Adjustment calculation course, a group of seven students was selected and started to work an accordance to PBL methodology. The method of work followed the PBL philosophy related to widely accepted seven PBL steps. The students recognized a lot of benefits of PBL. They have been faced to the real-life problem, worked and communicate together and built the content ow work in accordance to the project needs. They shared ideas, analyse them and made decisions. After completing the process, they presented the results. At the end of the process the survey was organized, and the students valuated their efforts and assessed the quality of the PBL process. This very interesting paper can be accessed on this link.

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