Project planned activities and the expected results for target groups are:

  • HEI students – new modern technologically advanced and on real business-driven problem-based cases designed geoinformatics courses will be designed, implemented and introduced in curriculum of partner universities enabling the students to gain advanced geoinformatics knowledge and skills required by business sector from new graduate entering industry. Purchased equipment will enable execution of advanced course, but also upgrade of bachelor, master and research studies performed by students.
  • HEI teachers – through participation in the project more than 50 teachers will undercome advanced geoinformatics training and supplemental education in specific geoinformatics topics, trained in practical case, theory and methodology. Further, purchased equipment will allow teachers to implement designed courses, and continuously work on their upgrade in cooperation with business sector. The knowledge, skills and equipment will also bring teachers in position focusing more on scientific research and through it, better support business sector.
  • Geoinformatics companies – will profit from business-academia cooperation in several ways. Improve cooperation with academic sector, get another source of information, get access to student population and be in position to choose best students for their businesses, influence curriculum modernisation process in accordance to their needs and get partner in scientific and professional projects.
  • Geoinformatics and related professionals – will get in first line who is building geoinformatics ecosystem in their country. Further, new sources and tools of communication and platform for cooperation with possibility to choose level of involvement. The bidirectional communication, supported also from side of governmental and public institutions, will foster development and growth of geoinformatics and related sectors.
  • HEI’s providing geoinformatics (and related) studies – on institutional level HEI’s involved in project will strengthen their internal capacities and gain higher attraction of the scholars for inscription in geoinformatics and related study programmes what is relevant issue for many HEI’s in Europe. Further, in scope of continuous reorganisation of academic system, the fact that HEI’s are providing one of the studies of the future is contributing a lot to HEI’s profile and resistance to adverse effects.
  • Governmental authorities, public administration and agencies – as a final and in Partner countries most important user of geoinformatics services and products this group of stakeholders in profiting with all components and results of the project. Strengthening HEI’s capacities, better educated graduate, business and academic sector cooperating, well-educated graduate employed in geoinformatics sector and ultimately stronger business sector able to deliver geoinformatics products and services in higher quality, faster and cheaper are all benefits for governmental authorities, public administration and agencies.

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